General Tips For Organizing A Physical Geography Dissertation In A Quality Manner

Writing a thesis is one of the most difficult tasks that a student should accomplish to graduate from a university. No matter whether you’re asked to write a geography, chemistry, or biology dissertation, its structure should include particular elements. If you organize your physical geography thesis in the wrong way, your committee won’t accept it.

Tips for Structuring a Built Environment Dissertation

  1. Have an introduction.
  2. The first section of your paper should provide the reader with basic information about the general topic of your study and list the exact questions that your paper is going to answer. It should also introduce and interpret the main keywords that will be used throughout the text.

  3. Have a literature review.
  4. In this part of your thesis, you should inform the reader about the schools of thought that had a big influence on your research. Write in detail about the previous studies and books written by specialists in the field that you consulted a lot when working on your project.

  5. Have a methodology description.
  6. Here, you should present an approach that you’ve decided to choose for conducting your research. After describing your strategy in general, you should elaborate on each and every activity and test that you’ve performed to get your results.

  7. Have a presentation of findings.
  8. In this section, you should demonstrate the actual outcomes of your efforts. Firstly, give the raw figures. Then, provide an interpretation of your findings and explain how they can affect future studies.

  9. Have a conclusion.
  10. This section should restate and summarize the main points that have been raised previously. At the end of the conclusion, it’s advisable to present a few ways for other students to continue your study.

Improving Your Thesis Writing Skills

If you want your physical geography dissertation to be not only properly structured but also well-written, it’s advisable to take additional courses that will improve your writing skills. You may do this by either regularly visiting a local academic center or hiring a tutor who will teach you on an individual basis. Although these options will cost you money, the results of additional lessons should be worth it.

Now that you know the basic structure of the main body of a good dissertation, it’ll be easier for you to create a paper worthy of a high score. However, you should consult your professor to learn how to format your final document properly. Otherwise, you might format it in the wrong style and your committee won’t accept it.

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