Writing An Introduction To A Dissertation On Cartography

The aim of an introduction for your cartography thesis is telling your readers what your investigation is about in a special way. The part isn’t big if you compare it to the rest of your work, but writing dissertation introduction right is still vital. This is one of the first things your reader sees, and it has to catch his or her attention.

In order to write the introduction to your cartography thesis, make sure to use the following recommendations.

Tips on Writing an Introduction to a Dissertation

  • Write briefly about the subject.
  • Cartography is no ordinary subject for most people. Make sure to explain it and connect it to the problem you describe in your work. Don’t give these explanations too much space, as most people who will read your thesis are aware of the meaning of cartography. Still, a brief explanation may be needed.

  • Make a powerful statement.
  • You can frame it as a question you will answer in the further part, or as a thesis statement. It has to be short yet widely encompassing. Note all the peculiarities of the problem you describe, possible solutions you may offer, or any other information relatable to your topic. Then try to create a sentence or a question from these notes. If you feel like you’d want to read such a dissertation after you read your statement, you’ve succeeded. Remember that your statement or question may be alternated by the time you finish your work.

  • Follow the structure.
  • Most often, the order you use to give out the information on your cartography topic has to be followed by the main part in the same order. Note this while describing the aim of your work in the introductory part. Your work will look much more structured if you place all the parts in the same order as in the intro, the main part, and the conclusion. If you have trouble with following the structure and writing a good introduction, take advantage of this service.

  • Use samples.
  • If you need an example of a successful introduction, surf the Net. There are tons of different dissertation samples, including ones on cartography topics. Make sure you choose a proofread example as your reference. For that, check out teachers’ comments if any, or ask for a good example on any student forum.

  • Include additional info.
  • Write in brief about the literature you use as the ground for your research. Also, cartography is often connected with images. If you include any additions to the paper, make sure to tell your readers about it in the introductory section, so they know exactly what to await from your work.

Getting the Introduction Done

Many people recommend writing the introduction at the end of your work. The best way to create the intro would be writing a draft at the beginning, editing it in the process of your research, and writing the final version at the end. This will keep you informed of what you are investigating and prevent you from going over the borders of your thesis.

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