A Collection of Compelling Writing Ideas for a Dissertation

As you move on to the later years of your high school career and then later your college career, you will find that the demands and standards of your teachers continuously increase. One of the new requirements that you may face for some of your classes, as well as to earn a degree in your new field, is a dissertation. If you do not know where to get started or what your chosen career path may be, then this list has plenty of great ideas to get you started.

  1. Current Global Supply Chain Trends and Risk Management- Consider the evolution of risk management strategies and how trends in the supply chain have helped shape current strategies.
  2. The Role of University Presidents in Student Education- Consider the individual influence and role of university presidents and how they may or may not affect university morale and student learning.
  3. Cleveland Police and Racial Profiling: A Case Study- Research the predominance of tickets issued to blacks vs. whites in Cleveland and consider what may be the possible causes for this. Is this affected by Cleveland being a predominantly black city?
  4. Affordable Housing and Neighborhood Decline- Discuss the decline of appearance, value, and even safety in areas where affordable housing is offered and possible causes.
  5. Coming of Age Social Norms- Consider the behaviors of the current generation once they reach the age of emancipation vs. the behaviors of a previous generation. What could be the reasons for the differences?
  6. The Effects of Social Networking on College Students: How Social Networking Influences Academic Achievement, Employment Skills, Social Capital, and Psychological Wellbeing
  7. Meditation in Schools: The Benefits- Examine schools that have implemented meditation instead of detention and how it has improved student’s academic and emotional wellbeing.
  8. Pursuing the Chinese Dream in America- Examine the trends in Chinese undergraduate students at university in America.
  9. Defects and Ultrasounds- Consider how accurate ultrasounds can be with today’s technology. Has it changed how doctor’s respond to birth defects?
  10. Innovative Applications of 3D Printing- Consider how 3D printing has been applied to build mud huts for disaster relief or organs in the medical field. What are some ways it could be applied in your field?

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